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Having installed a WordPress Blog theme on my website on 16th May 2016 I still have a lot of work to do to bring all the pages up-to-date and if you have any suggestions I would  be pleased to hear them as a facebook comment to this page.  Meanwhile please see the information that I haven’t posted here yet on my facebook profile and my new facebook page called Natural Low Density Eating which is the final solution as far as losing weight is concerned because if you adopt the principles permanently your weight will reduce to what it should be and it will stay that way for the rest of your life! You won’t get hungry as you can eat enormous quantities of natural food because of it’s low calorific density! Sounds too good to be true but it works for everybody including you!

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London Cuban Salsa Congress 2016 - the Straw Hat Moment
London Cuban Salsa Congress 2016 – the straw hat moment – click on the photo for more information!
El Grande Cuban Room Salsa 2015-10-16
El Grande 16th October 2015 – Cuban Room – click on the photo for more information!
The Rumba
The Rumba makes everybody happy – click on the photo for more information!
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