An Android Calendar that Wakes You Up

Having missed a few early morning dental appointments despite setting up a calendar item weeks or even months in advance I suddenly realised yesterday that it’s because a calendar entry on my android phone does not produce a loud & long enough noise to wake me up. I looked for an app which would provide a better sound and found Alarm Sounds & Ringtones and chose UWG Alarm Clock which provides a continuous sound just like an old fashioned alarm clock. However, the default S Planner Calendar app does not provide a means of using that alarm sound for alerts so I found Alarm Calendar Plus which purports to do just that. At first this didn’t seem to work but then I discovered that there is a setting to use this alarm sound for alerts as well as at the start time. I also set the alarm to increase to maximum volume in one minute, to vibrate as well and to sound whether the phone is on silent or not. If the phone is off it will NOT switch itself on and sound the alarm.

No more missed early morning appointments at last! 🙂

I also installed the Google Calendar app as the S Planner Calendar app which comes with the phone doesn’t have a very good way of showing events which span midnight – they go to the top where the all day appointments go which is pathetic. Having a gmail account and sychronising your phone with Google makes a lot of sense because you don’t need to worry about backup for anything because synchronisation with Google is totally automatic which means you won’t lose anything important (eg contacts, pictures & videos) when you lose your phone! Also it’s a lot easier to set calendar entries on your laptop with Google than to do it on your phone – particularly for me as I can touch type at 60 words a minute! Copying and pasting links is also a lot easier on a laptop.
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