Providing something for the plebs to believe in while they suffered poverty for the benefit of their lords and masters was the original reason for religion. This was quite successful until the downside of believing a religion to the extent that it can be the only one lead to the belief that other religions must be wrong and the people who believe in them must be “corrected”!

This has lead to their having been more violent deaths of innocent people in the name of religion than for any other reason. But nothing can stop it now – people like to believe there is something after death which makes their mundane existence in life worth while and like to pray to their God for things which are clearly not under his control as surely He would be unlikely to make good things happen to one person which would be bad for another!

But it’s good to talk – isn’t it – in between regular attendance at the altar of salsa dancing where we love each other no matter whether we dance Cubana, cross body, On1 or On2!

On the other hand if you don’t like salsa dancing there’s something wrong with you! Lol

Dance my religion!
Dance my religion!


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