Bread is off the menu again – the arthritis in my knees came back!

I thought it was safe to have a couple of slices of toast a day after giving up bread altogether for a year but after a few months the arthritis in my knees has come back again. This is bad news for a guy who lives for salsa dancing so I had no choice but to give up bread again and within a couple of days the arthritis in my knees has totally disappeared.  I don’t know if it’s the gluten or the raising agent in bread that does it to me.  If the latter I may be able to have the occasional pizza for which the is no raising agent but not for at least 6 months because I need my knees much more than bread or the occasional pizza! 😉

Actually bread does not qualify as a natural food because it is not single ingredient and it doesn’t look like what it is which is mostly kernels of wheat. The wheat has been highly processed making it a high calorie dense food and then it has been mixed with various ingredients which cause it to rise when cooked – that is get filled with lots of air holes thus making the food appear to be less dense. It should not therefore be part of my natural way of eating and now that I know it causes arthritis in my knees it is gone forever.  Tonight salsa dancing at Drift was such a pleasure because my knees weren’t hurting – made me smile inside as well as out! 🙂

This article, The Connection between Gluten and Arthritis, on the website tells you more about this unexpected connection!  There are other foods which can have a similar effect and I will be investigating them for your edification as I already eat only natural food which naturally excludes all milk products because it is in no way natural to eat or drink something which is meant to turn calves into cows.  We are meant to drink mother’s milk for a few years then get weaned and start eating proper food! ;).

Foods that trigger inflamation in arthritis such as gluten!
Foods that trigger inflammation in arthritis such as gluten! Clii

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