Dare to Believe: Lauren Steadman

I just happened to tune to Channel 4+1 at 12:20 and watched an inspiring short film called “Dare to Believe: Lauren Steadman” which was episode 6 of 7 Season 1 of a series with the theme “Dare to Believe”

What an inspiring short film about a brave girl with one less arm that the rest of us doing superbly well as a world class swimmer but believing that she could do even better as a triathlete. She did and became World Champion 2 years in a row and only failed in 2016 due to a nasty accident. She is fully recovered and is now hoping to achieve another Gold at Rio in the Olympics having already got one 2009 at the FINA World Aquatics Championships as part of a British relay squad that broke the world record! Congratulation Lauren – how proud I am to regularly meet and occasionally dance salsa with such an amazing person!

Dare to Believe - Lauren Steadman - click the picture to play the video.
Dare to Believe – Lauren Steadman – click the picture to see the video.

Other videos of Lauren: on YouTube

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