Diary: Sunday 29th May 2016

After a lovely weekend in Uxbridge with my exKatie which featured me strimming the front garden and making it look much neater than before I drove down to the The Bedford in Balham for a dreamy night of salsa.  I took the M25/M4 route to minimize traffic and arrived at 10pm after an hour’s drive just in time to miss the lessons and go straight to the social dancing as is my wont.  I had some wonderful dances which will be imprinted on my mind forever but had to leave a bit earlier than expected because the management of the Bedford insisted that though it was a Bank Holiday the Sunday licensing times still applied and we should have finished at midnight.  As it was 00:30 already they kindly gave us 10 minutes more for some farewell dances and our 2pm finish was but a dream! 😉

I arrived back in Gosport at around 3am having stopped off for a short nap and 2 Scotch Eggs for £1.05 at the usual service station!  It’s the only thing they sell there that I‘m willing to eat as part of my Natural Low Density way of eating as the outside is clearly made of mainly mince meat with a bread crumb coating, the inside is clearly a boiled egg and the price is right! 😉

I went straight to bed after taking my amino acids, vitamins and minerals which help my body keep itself as fit as it can be at my age! I dreamed of my last dance which was one of the best of the night and some earlier dances with ladies who knew what Salsa Romantica is all about! (I dance an energetic form of Puerto Rican style with a flavour of Romantica.)
I woke up a few times for a visit to the room next door but finally decided it was time to arise and go for my Whistlers Chips in Fareham but was shocked to see that it was 4:15pm.  Ah well – the chips can wait until tomorrow – I‘ll just have an enormous potato, carrot & onion omelette instead and go for the chips tomorrow. My usual way of eating is:
08:00 Coffee, black with granulated sweetener
10:00 Porridge Oats, very large bowl full using water and granulated sweetener
12:00 Baked potatoes (400g) and pulses (see note below) with curry sauce
14:00 Peaches Sliced, medium can drained
16:00 2 poached eggs with 2 slices of toast without spread
18:00 Pineapple Chunks, large can drained
20:00 Rice, Tuna Chunks and pulses with a hot sauce (see note below)
22:00 Can of Sardines (later if I‘ve been salsa dancing), with tomato sauce & drained not in oil
My favourite pulses are chickpeas, rinsed baked beans (ie haricot beans), kidney beans & mushy peas but there is a vast selection available as you can see on this list of pulses with their Indian & English names. There’s a more comprehensive list on the AGT website  but I‘m not recommending AGT as I‘ve never used them!
The hot sauces I make include the following flavours: Piri Piri Seasoning, Jerk Seasoning, Hot Chilli Powder, Hot Curry Powder, Medium Tandoori Spice Blend & Garam Masala Spice Blend.

I thought my various exertions over the weekend – gardening and salsa – might have left me with some pain to get over but I‘m feeling as fit as a fiddle but in need of a quiet couple of days to myself before I venture out for my next salsa fix which will be at the Irish Club on Wednesday! 🙂


(Love makes the world go round if you really mean it!)

Bedford Balham
The Bedford in Balham – an amazing monthly venue for salsa dancing run by Miguel Mayana!
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