Event 2017-01-06: Salsa Fusion at The Venue Great Portland Street!

Philip Wake is feeling excited with Davine Praise and 3 others6 January at 13:00
 Looking forward to Salsa – Fusion welcome 2018 Party tonight! 
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For more details about this twice monthly Salsa on Saturday event see the facebook page: Salsa – Fusion. I used to go there quite frequently a few years ago when I was dancing 5 or 6 nights a week before my last marriage and always enjoyed it. There was never a shortage of salseras to dance with and there’s always the Cuban room to cool down when you get overheated because it’s a smaller room with two enormous fans and Cubana can be less strenuous but it rarely happens that way for me! I always seem to attract ladies who like to go crazy on the dance floor . . . which I love of course . . . dancing without passion is a poor thing indeed . . .

Tonight the Cuban Room was very busy. I went there often to cool off because there are lots of fans in the room and many fantastic ladies to dance with. What an excellent night of salsa it turned out to be – even better than previous nights in 2017! Unusually the best dance of the night was the first one with a gorgeous slim lady whose partner wore a bandanna. She must be a performer as perform with me she certainly did! Having said that I did dance with her again later and that one was even better . . .

The entrance to The Venue Great Portland Street just past the barrier to the car park under the covered way! Click on the map to see the see the original Google map Street View then close down the picture by clicking on the X in the top right if you want to see the Google map and perhaps plan your journey.


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