Event 2017-07-15: Salsa at the Guildford Saturday Show & Fiesta!

Carlos  & Clare Paz run a monthly salsa fiesta at The Stoke Pub in Guildford on a Saturday. I missed last month because it clashed with Salsa Explosion‘s La Tasca in Bournemouth on 24th June which happened to be the last Saturday in June but this month it doesn’t clash with anything so I was pleased to be able to go to what is always an excellent night of salsa particularly when I noticed that a certain lovely salsera was on the Going list! Karina was in fact there though she arrived late so it was a really nice surprise to see her at last. I also got an excellent dance with the performer of the night Kathleen. I had many good dances that night from some lovely salseras, particularly from Terry who was so good I went back for another connection. She isn’t one of my facebook friends . . . yet . . . and hopefully we will dance together again at El Grande next Friday! All in all It was well worth the 50 mile trip from Gosport and I will always go if it doesn’t clash with the last Saturday! In fact I would have traveled 200 miles to dance with the just one the 3 salseras mentioned by name above. You can see more information about this event on the facebook event or Mundo Latino UK group.

THE STOKE SUITE, 103 Stoke Road, Guildford GU1 4JN

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