Event 2017-10-01 20:00: Salsa at Medbar in Southampton on Sundays!

Latino Interactive run a salsa event at Medbar in Southampton every Sunday from 5pm to 10:30. I‘ve been 12 Sundays in a row now and it’s definitely on my permanent list for salsa on Sunday and it’s getting better and better – particularly when a certain red head turns up and gives me a great dance!

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The lessons start at 5pm and the social dancing at 6pm but arriving at 8pm gives me a good 2+ hours of dancing which is about 2 double shirts worth. I always wear a T-shirt inside my Ghanaian Kente shirt because the first layer absorbs the sweat and passes it slowly to the 2nd layer where it evaporates more efficiently than it would off the 1st layer!

For more information about this event see the facebook event, the Latino Interactive page or the latinointeractive.co.uk website.

Venue: Medbar, 50 Oxford Street Southampton ,SO14 3DP
Car park: College Street Car Park, Southampton SO14 3EJ

Route from car park to venue:  Short cut down Latimer Street

Salsa at Medbar on Sundays with Latino Interactive – click to see the Google map! If you park in the College Street car park the short cut to Medbar down Latimer Street is only about 150m !
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