Event 2017-10-04: Salsa at Irish Club then Drift Bar on Wednesdays!

I had a busy time last week:

Wed 27 2130-1115: Salsa at Irish Club!

Thu 28 2130-0130: Salsa at TLC in Southampton then Bailando at Drift in Southsea!

Fri 29 22:30-0400: OneDance Latin Festival Party Night in Bournemouth!

Sat 30 0400-1200: Drive to Greenwich and Sleep in the car

Sat 30 1400-1800: Help with preparations for the following event.

Sat 30 18:00-2200: Celebration of the 51st Anniversary of Botswana Independence Day!

Sat 30 2200-0400: Drive back to Gosport with terrible tooth ache! Had a sleep on the way and the pulsating abscess burst by the time I awoke so the pain went away – just like that!

Sun 1 2000-2200: Salsa at Medbar in Southampton on Sundays!

Sun 1 2230-0300: OneDance Latin Festival Party Night in Bournemouth!

Which comes to 15 hours of salsa dancing and 10 hours of driving but after two nights rest I am ready to go again!

It’s the Irish Club as usual tonight to break my salsa-fast – every week more and more talented salseras turn up and it has becoming almost as good as a London venue in terms of the number of quality of dances I have! This combined with the excellent salsa I‘m experiencing at TLC  on Thursdays and Med Bar on Sundays is making my 5 nights of salsa dancing from Wednesday to Sunday more satisfying than ever before! On top of all that it’s always good to see my good friend and well known celebrity paratriathlon champion Lauren Steadman there to support the event and dance the night away as she was looking happy after  her recent silver medal success at the World Championships. If you’d like to meet and dance with this amazing 3 times World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist and 5 times European Champion you know where to come!

Salsa Katanga runs an evening of salsa dancing at the Irish Club from 8:30pm-11pm every Wednesday evening! Join Katanga, Andy, Skye and Claire for salsa lessons, with 4 levels from beginner to advanced from 8:30pm or just come social dancing at 9:30pm as I do. It’s an excellent venue with parking nearby, sprung dance floor, reasonably priced drinks at the bar and a friendly atmosphere. A variety of salsa, bachata, animations and a taste of kizomba are played by a proprietor and DJ whose enthusiasm for salsa dancing is infectious to say the least ! 🙂

See more details at on this facebook event, page and group.

8:15pm Warm Up
8:30pm Lessons £6 – Students £4
9:30pm Social Dancing £3 – free from 10:30pm
11:15 Finishes at the Irish Centre but the party continues at the Drift Bar in Southsea hosted by The RUMBA – see more information on this old facebook event!
1am Finito

Meet Salsa Katanga and his team
Meet Salsa Katanga and his team!


Portsmouth Irish Centre (Google map) with Salsa Katanga (I plan to arrive at 9:30pm just for the social dancing!)

and then at

Drift Bar Southsea (Google map from Irish Club) with The RUMBA (I plan to arrive at 11:30 to salsa the rest of the night away!)

Salsa at the Portsmouth Irish Centre from 8:30pm-11pm every Wednesday evening then afterwards at the Drift Bar in Southsea until 2am!
Salsa at the Portsmouth Irish Centre with Salsa Katanga from 8:30pm-11pm every Wednesday evening then afterwards with The RUMBA at the Drift Bar in Southsea until 2am!
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