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Zia Tasker shared Lionheart GB‘s photo26 May at 17:47 ·
So youre telling me a country that won two world wars wouldnt survive on its own outside the EU
So you’re telling me a country that won two world wars wouldn’t survive on its own outside the EU

Lionheart GB  12 May at 21:41 ·

Philip Wake We didn’t – the Americans did! Lol 
27 May at 08:23
Laura Den Ridder ….. and the Canadians! 
27 May at 18:43
Philip Wake The French & Polish helped too! 🙂 
27 May at 18:48
Laura Den Ridder European forces! 
27 May at 18:52
Michael Santiago The Russians destroyed the bulk of the German army 🙂 
27 May at 19:33
Philip Wake Wars are won by the side with the best alliances. The Japanese awoke a sleeping giant at Pearl Harbour for without the resources of the Americans to afford and build war equipment quickly we would not have got to the point of invading Germany to win the war and giving the Russians a chance to do what they really wanted which was to infect Germany with communism and be in a better position to conduct their own war against capitalist countries.
In peacetime we need to make alliances to keep the peace and belonging to the EU and NATO was the best way forward and still is. By belonging to the EU we can influence the all important Americans far more strongly than we could outside of the EU!
Immigration is of course irrelevant – we are all immigrants from an earlier time and it has been proved time and time again that immigrants in the longer term create more jobs rather than take them away from anybody else!
27 May at 20:37
Laura Den Ridder Well phrased! 
27 May at 20:38
Alicja Olszewska The UK would survive on its own but would be isolated, less influential, poorer, with lots of workers rights discarded by the government and with people having less options, e.g. not being able to easily live, study and work abroad if they wanted to. And with less Europeans coming here and taking salsa lessons 😉
27 May at 20:52
Laura Den Ridder Hear hear! 
27 May at 20:53
Michael Santiago And the EU has enabled peace for 70 years, arguably the longest period without war among its member states in Europe’s history. It has become so taken for granted that people have forgotten that such a long era of peace is the exception in Europe’s history, not the norm,
28 May 00:30 hrs
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