I gave up smoking cold turkey in November 2012 after I realised that 99% of the time when that feeling comes into your mouth that you want a cigarette you are really thirsty.  Exactly the same feeling happens to a non-smoker every day of their lives but as they don’t smoke they don’t even think of having a cigarette. But smokers do because that’s what they’ve learned to do and they like it that way. All you have to do is pretend you’re a non-smoker and do what they do . . . every day of their lives . . . have a drink . . . or two!


I had a list of 10 things I had to drink or eat before having a cigarette and I never got past number 3:
1 Glass of hot water
2 Cup of hot strong coffee
3 Bar of chocolate
etc – a list of my favourite foods

As a result I gave up smoking cold turkey without any pain whatsoever but I did get fat but as you can see I lost all my extra weight. I‘ve always found losing weight very easy and now I‘ve discovered my Natural Low Density Eating it’s even easier! In fact this way of eating . . . I don’t call it a diet because it’s for life . . . is so good I have to eat a third of a bar of dark chocolate every day to avoid losing weight! On salsa days I eat a whole bar of dark chocolate! If I‘m traveling to and from London I have a whole 200g pack of peanuts as well . . .

All the best and good luck to anybody who is trying to give up but I assure you that feeling still comes into my mouth and 99% of the time a drink is all I need! The other times I‘m hungry so I always have a drink before I decide to eat! 

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