It’s only a matter of time before the coins and keys you put in your pocket create a hole through which you lose a fortune. It happened to me 2 days ago and no matter how much I tried I couldn’t remember to use the left pocket instead of the right one! So this morning I cut from a piece of leather from an old wallet into a rectangle 10cm by 5cm. I glued it to the bottom of the pocket by holding it in place while I applied the glue to the other side of the material until there was enough to do the job. I hung the pocket freely until the glue set and then turned it inside out. I cut the leather so that it would fold over the bottom corner of the pocket nicely and used some more to glue to hold it in place. After letting it dry for a few minutes I turned the pocket back the right way and pressed the leather against the cloth with my fingers until the inside of the pocket was perfectly smooth. After leaving it to dry for 2 hours and ironing it flat, the pocket was better than new! QED

I have previously used the leather to fix the inside back heel of my shoes when they wore out prematurely because I didn’t use a shoe horn to put my shoes on but that’s another story! 

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