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Please see my new facebook page called Natural Low Density Eating which is the final solution as far as losing weight is concerned because if you adopt the principles permanently your weight will reduce to what it should be and it will stay that way for the rest of your life! You won’t get hungry because you can eat enormous quantities of natural food because of it’s low calorific density! Sounds too good to be true but it works for everybody including you!

See in particular:
– My Article on Natural Low Density Eating.
– My List of Example Recipes.

– My Article on Converting to the Less Interesting Taste of Natural Food with a Delicious Sauce

I will be transferring all the information to this website over the next few months – until then it is available on my facebook page & profile.

Meanwhile please see My Menu below this page!


Natural Low Density Eating - Lose Pounds without Pain!
Natural Low Density Eating – Lose Pounds without Pain!

My Menu

My usual menu for normal days is: 08:00 Coffee, black with granulated sweetener (table spoon of each with 250ml water) 10:00 Porridge oats,  large bowl-full using water and plenty of sucralose to replace the creamy taste when made with milk 12:00 Baked potatoes (500g) and pulses with a hot sauce - see below for details 14:00 Peach slices,...

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