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I discovered a few years ago that Natural Low Density Eating is the final solution as far as losing weight is concerned because if you adopt the principles permanently your weight will reduce to what it should be and it will stay that way for the rest of your life! You won’t get hungry because you can eat enormous quantities of natural food because of it’s low calorific density! Sounds too good to be true but it works for everybody including you! After eating this way (I don’t call it a diet) for a year I found myself feeling more energetic every day. My skin which had been ruined by smoking regained its elasticity and my arthritis disappeared. People remarked on how fresh I was looking. After 2 years I feel like a young man again, go out salsa dancing energetically 4 or 5 nights a week and never get tired! I jump out of bed when I awake after a good nights sleep which I get every night. I find myself looking forward to another day of this wonderful life and often wonder why people talk about life being too short for this or that. It seems extremely long to me but I love every minute of it particularly when I‘m out salsa dancing and I look forward to still doing so when I‘m 120 years old which gives me plenty of time as I‘m only 72 at the moment! I‘ve already agreed with my 20 year old daughter Katie that we will go out salsa dancing at El Grande on Friday 18th September 2065, 14 days after my 120th birthday at which time she will be 68 😉


I will be transferring all the information to this website over the next few months – until then it is available on my facebook page & profile.

Meanwhile please see My Menu & My Recipes below this page!

Natural Low Density Eating - Lose Pounds without Pain!
Natural Low Density Eating – Lose Pounds without Pain – Permanently!

My Menu

My usual menu for normal days is: 08:00 Coffee, black with sucralose tablets (place a table spoon of the Douwe Egbert's coffee & 2 sucralose pills in a mug, add 190ml boiling water, stir then add 60ml of cold water and then stir again.) 10:00 Porridge oats,  large bowl-full using water and 15 sucralose sweetener...

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My Recipes

Natural Low Density Eating Articles Natural Low Density Diet - Lose Pounds without Pain Converting to the Less Interesting Taste of Natural Food with a Delicious Sauce Vegetarian or Vegan - Irrelevant - be Naturan Recipes for breakfast Peachy Porridge Rolled Oats Pancakes Recipes for meals Carrots, Onion & Chick Peas in Curry Sauce Potatoes,...

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