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This replaces my facebook group: Smooth Salsa Bus Stop Style which explains the weight transfer technique that is essential for you to master if you want to dance salsa the way it should be danced: S M O O T H L Y !

Bus Stop Technique


Dancing cool salsa smoothly as the professional do is as easy at waiting for a bus when we tend to stand with all our weight on one hip and then transfer it to the other from time to time!

1. Start with all your weight on the left leg which makes the right knee bend

2. Transfer all your weight to the right leg which makes the left knee bend

3. Transfer all your weight to the left leg making the right knee bend

4. Pause

5. Transfer all weight to right leg left knee bends

6. Transfer all weight to left leg right knee bends

7. Transfer all weight to right leg left knee bends

8. Pause

Practice this for an hour a day in front of a mirror and you will find yourself doing salsa on the spot with amazing hip movement. The secret of good salsa is in the knees not the hips – the hips are just what they eye sees and makes you look and feel cool while you dance! If you’re doing it correctly your head should not be bobbing up and down – you must use your knees like the suspension system of a car to keep your head still! Note that at each step you land on your toes and then bring your heel down as if trying to drive a nail into the floor.  This is also the way you should move for other latin dances such as merengue, bachata & kizomba.

Some call the pause the “floating pause” because the lady must be ready to move in any direction after the pause as she must not anticipate the next move!  Smooth salsa bus stop style makes the floating pause easy and makes a salsera feel light in a man’s hands!

Ladies be warned – if you dance with a man practicing the smooth technique recommended here he may be wishing you were doing the same!

Men be warned – if you dance with a lady who feels as light as a feather to lead she’s probably using the smooth technique recommended here and she may be wishing you were using it too!

Here’s a useful workshop which shows off the mood and moves of dancing in this fashion aptly named Salsa Romantica!

Here is another example of featuring a Salsa Romantica demonstration!


Video showing the smoothness of my Puerto Rican Salsa Romantica technique taken by Raluca of my dance with Sonya at Putney Salsa Club on 14th April 2017 when I was 71 years old. This lovely lady danced with such energy, style, rhythm & fun that I loved every moment of it and just had to keep a copy in my facebook video collection!  x

It even works on hot sand at 30°C as it did back in 2008 when I was 63 years old

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