No more heart attacks!

Going vegetarian or vegan as suggested in the video below is one way of making yourself heart attack proof but there are other solutions such as Natural Low Density Eating which is just as good and includes eating fish & meat which even caveman used to do so it can’t really be that bad for you can it. I only eat tuna & sardines most of the time because they’re so cheap at Asda but I sometimes have meat when my daughter Katrinah is staying with me because she’s from Botswana and Batswana eat cows & goats! Lol

NB: Asda’s smartprice tuna used to be 35p and they didn’t think people would notice because they made Princes tuna cheaper for a while, put the smartprice one up and then put the Princes one back up but I did notice big time so now I buy 3 cans of tuna for £1 from Pound Stretcher! Just because I‘m not paranoid it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me!

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