On This Day 60 years ago – Elvis Presley Scandalised Audiences with Suggestive Hip Gyrations

On 5th June 1956 Elvis Presley introduces his new single Hound Dog on the Milton Berle Show. and scandalized the audience with his suggestive hip gyrations.
Mr Teenager‘s sexually-charged rendition of Hound Dog that evening lead to a virulent condemnation from the press and the pulpit which pushed Elvis to the forefront in the cultural battle for the hearts of minds of teenagers in the mid-fifties!
Read more about the genial genius with the gyrating gonads who started a teenage revolution at elvis-history-blog.com. Savour the hip gyrations that started a teenage revolution unparalleled in human history in the video below.

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Elvis Presley singing Houndog on the Milton Berle Show in 1956
Elvis Presley singing Hound Dog on the Milton Berle Show in 1956
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