The important thing is to eat unprocessed food without added sugar or fat. This means not eating cakes, biscuits, pies, sausages, pizza, sweets or any other processed food which looks good on the outside but you can’t see what it’s made of! That includes cheese and all spreads including butter which are processed foods very high in fat. It also includes alcoholic beverages which are highly processed liquid foods containing alcohol which the body cannot deal with properly. Naturally it means not eating fried food or sugar sweetened food or drink! If you don’t want to eat meat or fish then don’t – it doesn’t matter to the principles of the diet – but if you do eat meat make sure that it hasn’t been processed in any way. Please note that if you make a smoothie of natural food you turn it into a processed food!

Please see for more information about this diet for life which will give you all the energy you need while your body adjusts your weight to the level it should be and it will provide you with the healthy long life you’ve been yearning for. I‘m 72 on 2nd September 2017 but my weight is correct for a 5’10” muscular man with a six packed 34″ waist and a 46″ chest. I have no joint pain (arthritis), my blood pressure is normal, my resting pulse rate is 48 (a value usually observed in a young athlete) and I can touch my toes (in fact I can put my palms on the floor with shoes on). I go out salsa dancing energetically 5 times a week and expect to be able to do so until I‘m at least 120! The sooner you start the younger you will remain in what most people call old age but I call it my retired gentleman of leisure years!

wit Don’t eat processed food – Eat NATURAL food!



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