When I was 12 my brother was always being asked to play the piano when friends and relatives came round. He was very shy however and never obliged them even though is was really talented. I remember thinking: “I wish I was good at something – I‘d do it for them!”

60 years later ladies often say to me after a salsa dance with me:

“You’re amazing!”

“You’re such a good lead!”

“You make following so easy for me!”

“You make me feel like I‘m really dancing!”

“Thank you – I‘ve never danced like that before!”

“You’re the only one here dancing in the music instead of just going 1-2-3!”

“Dancing with you is like having a dream!” One lady who said this kept on kissing me on the lips as we danced but I didn’t respond as I prefer to be ravaged in private but I took it as one of the biggest complements that I ever received.

I love it when I dance with you Philip!”

I love dancing with you. Your leading is so good! You can lead anyone who cannot dance but that person can actually dance with you!”

“You’re such a good dancer and one of the best leaders!”

“That was such fun!”

“Thank you – that was beautiful!”

“Was just breathtaking to dance with you again Philip!”

“That’s just what I needed to get me going for my performance tonight!”

I‘ve always believed that a man’s objective must be to make the lady feel and look good as only then can the man feel and look good, so receiving such compliments after a dance must mean that I‘ve achieved that objective and that always makes me happy!

Also men often come up to me and shake my hand saying how good a dancer they think I am. Some encourage their girlfriend to dance with me because they just want her to have a good time!

However, last night I had an awesome dance with one of my favourite salseras at Drift. She is so energetic and stylish and we inspire each other to dance in the music with that passion which turns a dance into a magical experience. Afterwards a smartly dressed black fellow slapped me on the  back and shook my hand as he said:

“The way you dance – you’re a veteran. There’s natural and there’s experience. You move 20 times better than everybody else!” Throwing his right hand into the air as the said the number . . .

His words and the earnest manner with which he spoke them just blew me away so I thanked him for his compliments with a big smile on my face!

Looks like my wish came true . . .

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