Event 2016-11-02: Miss Southern Africa UK 2016

There is no parking at Tottenham Town Hall but the side roads are only controlled from 8am to 6:30pm so if you arrive before then you can sit in the car until 6:30pm. Arnold Road is a good place to park because there are always a line of spaces available at the beginning of the road until they begin to be used after 6:30pm if there’s something on nearby. There’s a good takeaway at the entrance to the road who do a large container of medium sized well cooked chips for just over a pound. Parking in the Tottenham Leisure Centre recommended because it only goes up to 5 hours for £8 before jumping to £27.50 for 24 hours which has got to be the most ridiculous charging algorithm I have ever scene. In fact I parked there for nothing for an hour because a leaving motorist kindly donated his ticket. There is a nearby shop that sells plastic forks, spoons, knives, etc for only £1.20 for a bag of 80 which may seem a strange thing to say but the food was late arriving due to an unexpected transport failure and somebody had forgotten the cutlery so this was a welcome discovery when I was sent on a mission to seek out forks so that the hungry masses could avoid eating with their fingers. Note that the Town Hall Approach Road can only be accessed from the north because it is a southerly one way street!

Hosted by Miss Southern Africa Msindos London.

Tottenham Town Hall map
Tottenham Town Hall
Tottenham Town Hall map
Tottenham Town Hall map


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