Compare surface area to volume ratio of thick versus thin chips
Compare surface area to volume ratio of thick versus thin chips!

Can you believe I forgot to have chips on Monday – it’s part of my eating regime – I follow Natural Low Density Eating principles which in summary means:
– No process food (ie no biscuits, cake, pie, sausages, etc)
– No added sugar
– No added fat (no frying)
– No milk products (these are processed foods and lactose blows me up)
– No wheat products (these are made from highly processed wheat flour and gluten gives me arthritis)
but I do allow myself chips twice a week providing they are big ones which have a lower ratio of surface area to volume and therefore retain less fat from the frying. Also this way of eating is so good at keeping my weight down I have a third of a bar of dark chocolate every night to avoid losing weight – and because I like it of course – it is otherwise known as the love drug! Lol

So I went into Gosport today (Tuesday) instead and had my chips at the chip shop by the ferry – only £1.70 for an enormous bag! The Gosport market is on Tuesdays so I still got my market/chip day! 😉


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