Hartmann: Malicious Rules by Helen L Lowe

A Bloodthirsty Murder Mystery that Makes Jack the Ripper seem like a Fairy Tale!

Dr Hartmann has the good looks from head to toe that makes both men and women swoon and he doesn’t even know it! His past and the story are drip fed to you throughout the book in such a way that you think you get the picture many times but only get the real picture at the end in a climax which will both surprise and shock you. If you’re into a bloodthirsty murder mystery which makes Jack the Ripper seem like a fairy tale with episodes of romance and sexual fantasy jumping out from the page at you – this is the book you need to read! Gripping from start to finish – you won’t be able put it down as you really want to know what’s going to happen next. Do your life a favour and read it now!

Hartmann Malicious Rules Cover Page
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