My Menu

My usual menu for normal days is:

  • 08:00 Coffee, black with sucralose tablets (place a table spoon of the Douwe Egbert’s coffee & 2 sucralose pills in a mug, add 190ml boiling water, stir then add 60ml of cold water and then stir again.)
  • 10:00 Porridge oats,  large bowl-full using water and 15 sucralose sweetener tablets to replace the creamy taste when made with milk.
  • 12:00 Microwave chipped potatoes (500g) and pulses (legumes) with a hot sauce – see below for details. On Mondays and Fridays I have some real chips in Fareham  (£1.75) or Gosport (£1.70) and a punnet of grapes for no more than £1.20.
  • 14:00 Peach slices, medium can drained.
  • 16:00 2 poached eggs, mushy peas or a banana on 2 slices of gluten free bread toasted.
  • 18:00 A large banana or homemade popcorn – depends what I feel like eating – possible both!
  • 20:00 Ricesweet corn or chopped tomatoes and tuna flakes or sardines (rinsed) with the pulse of the day (legume actually) with a hot sauce (see notes below for the latter two items)
  • 22:00 Cocoa drink made with coconut milk or soya milk or, if out salsa dancing, a third of a bar of dark chocolate.
  • 00:?? If driving home after salsa a snack of a whole packet of peanuts and finish off the bar of dark chocolate!


Porridge Oats: 250ml raw oats, 500ml water microwaved at 800W for 5 minutes – 15 sucralose sweetener tablets dissolved in a little water added afterwards to ensure the maximum osmotic pressure to hydrate the raw oats in the shortest possible time. If you add them first the cooking takes twice as long as it does if you use 25% coconut milk or soya milk instead of just water! Sometimes when I feel like a creamy porridge (often on a Sunday) I use only 375ml of water instead of 500ml and then mix in 125ml of coconut milk or soya milk after cooking. Using sucralose sweetener tablets instead of granulated sweetener saves a lot of money (around £1.50 a week). The only down side is having to make a solution of the tablets in a small amount of cold water instead of just sprinkling the granules!


Pulses (actually legume seeds – pulses are the dried seed from the fruits of legume vegetables): chickpeas, rinsed baked beans (ie haricot beans), kidney beansmushy peas, cannellini beans, borlotti beans & green lentils are in fact all legume seeds and there is a vast selection available as you can see on this list of pulses with their Indian & English names. There’s a more comprehensive list on the AGT website  but I’m not recommending AGT as I’ve never used them! The pulses I choose are simply the cheapest available at Asda or anywhere else for that matter (50p or less for a 300/400g can).


The hot sauces I make include the following herb flavours: Piri Piri Seasoning, Jerk Seasoning, Hot Chilli Powder, Hot Curry Powder, Medium Tandoori Spice BlendGaram Masala Spice Blend, Bolognese Seasoning – all available from Asda for around a pound! I also include Ground Turmeric as a colouring for potato & rice and because of it’s anti-cancer properties which are apparently improved by the addition of a little black pepper. Also Turmeric makes microwaved sliced potato look like chips and gives rice an appetising colour.


Whenever I want to thicken something I use potato powder instead of flour as I try to avoid any products containing gluten which seems to bring back arthritis in my knees if I ever revert to normal bread because I love it so much!

My Food Cupboard - eggs & Soya milk in the fridge!
My Food Cupboard – the eggs, milk (coconut/soya) & bread are in the fridge together with any pulses being hydrated and partially used canned food in plastic containers! I must remember to update the picture now I use a more expensive (tastier) coffee and use sweetener tablets instead of granulated sweetener.


On Mondays and Fridays I have a portion of chips from Whistlers Fine Fish & Chips shop in Fareham for my 12:00 meal (there was a new owner with a new name in September 2017 but they’re the same chips served by the same cook so who cares). They often give me a large portion but that’s fine because there’s nothing wrong with eating big high quality chips because the ratio of the surface area to volume is 50% lower than the slim chips you get from Burger King, KFC, McDonalds, etc which means that they qualify as a natural low density food! There’s a good reason why the fast food places cook slim chips – because they cook faster but as you can see below (Thick Chips Versus Thin Chips) there’s a good reason why you shouldn’t eat them.

On Saturdays at 12:00 I have often have a potato omelette made with 3 eggs as a replacement for the big fry-up I used to have in the old days – sometimes from a cafe – the biggest English breakfast they had on the menu! I often replace the 16:00 poached eggs on toast with a banana toastie as an alternative to a pudding which is almost as good as eating an ice cream cornet if you use a ripe banana which has become very sweet and creamy to the taste buds!

When I‘m travelling back from London I sometimes have a tin of Sardines in tomato sauce to keep me going together with several cups of coffee made from a thermos flask of hot water as I never buy ready made coffee … ever … £2.50 for a hot cup of water with a little brown powder – what a joke! When I used to drink cappuccino £2.50 seemed like a better price because at least I was getting some milk but when you spend a lot of time on the road driving to and from salsa venues – around 400 miles a week – the amount you would spend on take-away coffees adds up to £10 or more a week which is a ridiculous waste of money no matter how much you earn.
If travelling via the A3 I stop off at the M&S service station at Ripley 2 miles after the M25 junction for 2 Scotch eggs costing only £1.05! If they haven’t got those I‘ll might have some dry roasted peanuts instead. It may be shown as BP on the south heading side of the road but it’s actually M&S.  I don’t consider anything else in the shop as remotely edible! These Scotch eggs are the only non-natural food I eat but they are 90% natural (2 eggs 37%, pork 26%, water 27%) with only a small amount of wheat in the breadcrumb coating (7%) and therefore only a tiny amount of gluten.

Sometimes for supper I have home-made raw chocolate instead of dark chocolate, either of which always puts me in a good mood. Occasionally I have some home-made popcorn as an additional snack – when I fancy them which is not very often.

I try not to eat the same food more than once in a day and I drink black coffee with 2 sweetener tablets or Apple & Blackcurrant Squash (Double Strength – no added sugar) whenever I feel like it – no limits whatsoever as caffeine does not stop me sleeping – even if I have a cup just before going to sleep!


Compare surface area to volume ratio of thick versus thin chips

Thin Chips (McDonalds)

Surface Area = 0.5 x 0.5 x 2 + 0.5 x 11 x 4 = 0.5 + 22 = 22.5

Volume = 0.5 x 0.5 x 11 = 2.75

Ratio = 22.5 / 2.75 = 8.18

Thick Chips (Chip Shop)

Surface Area = 0.75 x 1.5 x 2 + 0.75 x 6 x 2 + 1.5 x 6 x 2 = 2.25 + 9 + 18 = 29.25

Volume = 0.75 x 1.5 x 6 = 6.75

Ratio = 29.25 / 6.75 = 4.3


These figures indicate that the thin chips have 1.9 (8.18 / 4.3) times as much surface area for any given a.mount of chips which means that’s how much more fat sticks to the chips!   Thick chips are therefore less calorie dense than thin chips . . .




Upgraded my coffee from cheapest in Asda to Douwe Egberts

Changed main part of evening meals to a grain (rice or sweetcorn) but still occasionally tomato pieces.

Realised that pulses are the dried seed from legume fruits so if I buy a can it contains legume fruit seeds!

Stopped having porridge for supper – replaced it with a cocoa drink and a banana.

Started using gluten free bread again!

Realised that a dispenser containing 300 sucralose tablets provided the same sweetening power as 2.5 jars of granulated sweetener and both were £1 each thus saving £1.50 a week or more!


Jun2017: Discovered chopped tomatoes as an alternative to peas for the main part of a main meal. This usually pans out to 3 days on rice from Friday to Sunday (made in one go) followed by 3 alternate days using chopped tomatoes and the other 3 alternate days using garden peas.


Mar2017: Discovered that garden peas were a better alternative to mushy peas or processed peas which I have always preferred. Suddenly realised mushy peas may be processed and garden peas actually tasted nicer than mushy or processed peas – sweeter.


Sep2016: An extra egg

16:00 2 egg, rinsed baked bean omelette (alternatively chickpeas or kidney beans)

changed to

16:00 3 egg omelette with rinsed baked beans, chickpeaskidney beans or rice


Jul2016: Removed bread entirely from my diet and started using soya milk instead of water for my porridge

16:00 2 poached eggs with 2 slices of gluten-free toast without spread
changed to

16:00 3 egg omelette with drained baked beans


10:00 Porridge Oats, very large bowl-full using water and granulated sweetener

changed to

10:00 Porridge oats, very large bowl-full using soya milk and sucralose


22:00 Sardines in tomato sauce drained

changed to

22:00 Porridge oats, large bowl-full using soya milk and sucralose


Although having porridge twice is against my usual rule of not eating the same food twice in one day I make an exception of porridge because it has become my replacement for eating bread and I just love it! If I‘ve been out salsa dancing during the week and I get a chance to pop into Asda I have 2 bananas instead of porridge for supper.


3Jun2016: Remove bread from my diet as the arthritis in my knees returned – see my blog of 6th June
2 poached eggs with 2 slices of toast without spread

changed to

2 egg, rinsed baked bean omelette (alternatively chickpeas or kidney beans)


22Jun2016: Decided to try gluten free bread instead so back to

2 poached eggs with 2 slices of gluten-free toast without spread


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